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awesome game!!! I almost got the golden button!!! By the way, "pink-dark blue-red-green" gets you all the hands, "green-pink-light blue-pink" gets you a HIDDEN HAND, "dark blue-yellow x3" gets you all the achievements, "pink-dark blue x2-light blue" gets you all power-ups, and, "red-green-dark blue-yellow" gets you $1,000. you can use them more than once, too.


The game is good, but something it's not good in this game...

the cost to collection is a bit off. getting 200 a round and the next upgrade is 3,000 to get, requiring 15 rounds (give or take a few rounds)... it is just a bit slow.... not a bad concept... but needs a little bit of tweaking.

Hmm...actually this is very cool. Maybe sorta rough around the edges, but still. A game about clicking buttons that goes so far as to have upgrades?! Cool! I like that there are almost stats attached to the different gloves. I think they maybe a shade pricey, however. Not sure how many people are going to play all the way to get the Robotic glove hand.

I like that there is a real challenge here, because I don't think anyone was expecting much of one from a game about clicking buttons. May I suggest a more catchy title in the future? For example, my last game, Kill The Glove, got about 2,100 views. Your game is twice as good, but has half the views so far...I think the name "Button Game" sounds really boring to many people.

out of 10...

gfx - 8
sfx - N/A
design - 6
gameplay - 9

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3.01 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2012
9:09 AM EDT
Skill - Collect