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Vaontis is the home planet of the aliens and a spin-off of the Thorenzitha series

The cyborgs scan the surface of the alien moon with their shuttles but cannot detect the aliens ship now converted into a base after it crashed landed because hidden inside a cave that has its entrance concealed with a camouflage force field. While sneaking around at night after escaping his cell and with no access to ship, airlock, or other way out, CY10 needs to find a way to shut off the beams that create this force field so he and the other prisoners can be rescued by the shuttles outside that can then destroy the alien base.

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Easy for you to say trickyninja305. I screw around in several hours to find a way through this game. And what I get? A: Grounding wire, Electric signal cable (x2 big one) and smaller one, Arm torch, Communicator and finally... (by using walkthrough, eh!)- OLD ROBOT TOOL, laying between 'green toolbox' and something what looks like 'metal *Personal Data*'. This thing is too small to see it; Sorry!
Game is AWESOME.
To: @programicks. Next time add *hint* button.

the robot tool was so easy to find idk why people are saying they needed the walkthrough wow noobs btw great game

I needed the walktrough to even find the robot tool, it'd be impossible to find it without
I have hooked up the signal generator, copied the signal code from the control room, and clicked the button next to the round turning know thingy, I've checked the walktrough to see if I missed anything, and as far as I can find, I've done everything right so far, I've placed the communicator on the elevator window, and when I try to use the pad, it says something about that I first have to generate the signal, so either I'm totally stupid (which may have a slight chance, though not likely) or there's some kind of glitch/bug which prevents me from moving on

overall I liked the looks, and I like that you have a storyline, which often misses in escape/point n' click games
the music fits the game, however it is a bit annoying, but I won't count that for my rating, as it can be muted

as I said before, some stuff, I couldn't have found without the walktrough, which is a bad thing
and it's either too hard to beat or there's a glitch/bug, because I'm stuck and can't move on, not even using the walktrough

overall, I think 2.5 stars is a fair score for the great detail, and storyline, but impossible without walktrough and either too hard to beat or glitchy/buggy, I'll make it a 3 on submission rating

i don't know what you are going for but you put to much time just into detail.

I appreciated the effort you put into the computer animation but I did have a hard time finding the first prompt action. Either way, good job!