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A game made in a few days based almost entirely off ideas while sitting on the toilet or from my dreams, while under the effects of sleep deprivation. Hence, the result is surreal and weird and just a bit fucked up.


P.S. If you get lag, close your other tabs or anything that may take up system resources.


8bit Dungeon Level - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


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This game is broken... When i get to the Final boss it becomes unplayable... the lag is so bad i wanna scream!
All my moves no matter what strategy i tried worked, why because my key strokes where being registered five seconds after pressing, causing all kinds of misery in trying to platform.
And it just get worse the longer i stay in to the point of at dieing i start doing things i initially wanted to do in the arena , then doing it in the room before the boss.
And don't tell me to turn off all the tabs because the only thing I am running IS this tab.
If so many resources are being utilized for this game alone, there are problems with memory usage with your game and nobody likes that.

pretty cool game :D but the bullet problem its not solved!


I tryed and try but at the end i only had one mouth thing left and I could not shoot any more needs fixing please fix it make it look nicer then you will have a good game, but at the moment unfinished.

Chaoclypse responds:

That's weird, you should have infinite bullets. I think I know what the problem is, and have fixed it :)

This was actually a pretty cool game. The music, environment, and characters were all well done. The only, but biggest issue was horrible lag. Even on the lowest quality setting, at times it was delaying inputs so much that you ended up correcting when you didn't need to, and thus, got screwed up (usually died). If that lag could be removed, the game would do very well. Maybe it's trying to plot out the entire level even though you can only see a small part of it...? I hope you can get that corrected, because this could be really good. I played only to the up jumping on the pink blocks with the saws on both sides.

Chaoclypse responds:

You might wanna try closing your other tabs or something and try again, it gets good after that part! (Hint: Go right instead of left.)