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This is a beta version. Only the tutorials and comic 1 & 2 are ready to play. We are very interested in feedback on the difficulty. The tutorials and comic 1 are supposed to be extremely easy to finish while comic 2 should offer more of a challenge.

Overall, comic 2 is much more interesting both seen as a comic and as a game. It is also much more indicative of the following comics (which has been drawn but not yet been put together as a game).


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Brilliant but i was stumped on comic 3!

This is a very interesting concept and I would love to see what else could be done with it. I really like the aspect of changing the panels as well as all of the other concepts introduced like continuity. What I would have liked to see more of is complexity. I know this is just a tutorial, but I was really disappointed because of the lack of things to do after the tutorial. I did go on to the other comics on the website and they delivered on the intellectual stimulation that I was craving, but what was published on here pales in comparison to the other comics. If there were one thing I were to ask of you. It is to lengthen the game. Possibly add the comics that are, as of this writing, being linked to the website. Do that, and this game would improve exponentially.

AthleticDesign responds:

The game will certainly be expanded and perhaps we will also change the tutorials. We do not want to lump all comics together in one game file and there are several reasons for this: the comics will vary a lot in size (number of panels) and therefore the swf-dimension will also vary; we do not want one giant (> 20MB) swf-file; we want easy "viral spreading" of each comic separately. It has nothing to do with us trying to redirect traffic from NG. The game is far from complete and we wanted some feedback before continuing - that's why we posted it here.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and I am very happy that you found it intellectually stimulating!

This is great, not only does it give people an inside view of the comic writing industry but the play at humor was good too.

AthleticDesign responds:

Glad you liked it! We think that the comic/game hybrid has a lot of potential and if enough people like it perhaps we will be able to continue exploring that potential.

So far, so good. I suggest that you indicate that we need to click on the speaker instead of the speech bubble, that took me a while to figure out. I don't know why the game needs a redirect, why can't we play it all on Newgrounds? I like the style of gameplay, it's unique and truly puzzling. If it had been finished and didn't have the unexplained redirect, then 5 stars, as-is, only 4. Keep up the good work!

AthleticDesign responds:

Thank you! We'll certainly need to stress more that you are supposed to click on objects - significant objects - rather than anywhere on the panel or on text/speech bubbles.

Boring...Dong play this when youre tired.