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Frogs of the Round Table

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Author Comments

This is a remake of the 2009 animated adaptation of the 2007 comic Frogs of the Round Table, written by me :3.
I started this project back in July, and got some work done on it, and was hoping to get it done before the end of July, but due to lack of motivation and working on a certain Machinima series I will not mention, work on this halted. Over the last few months, I did little work on it here and there, but over the past couple of weeks I've put a lot of work into it, and finally finished it yesterday after working straight through the weekend! So now it's ready for the people of newgrounds to enjoy!

And because it's a remake, I have included a before and after gallery, so have fun with that.

Also, I apologize for the lack of sound effects, flashkit recently decided that they had to make their search system completely retarded, so I couldn't get the sound effects I needed.
I also apologize for the lack of consistency in animation. When I start a project, I draw and animate one way, and by the time it gets close to completion, I do stuff completely different, but it's for the better, because the animation quality has gone up. This is the first thing of mine I consider being truly animated.

Well, with all this said, I hope you enjoy. Please leave feedback, as it only makes me better as an animator.

EDIT: I am aware that "menu" is spelled wrong, it's to much of a pain for me to go back and fix, so deal with it :D.

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Looking at those before and after scenes I'm thinking the text was actually clearer in the old one, not as stylish but definitely easier to read (new one seems a bit too aligned to the left btw), and I liked the lighter tone of color... actually, that applies for the lot of the scenes, I think the old subtle green was better than the improved (?) neon, and that more subtle coloring instead of the dark blue in the background for the room, and the lighter less obvious brown for floors. Color wise I'm thinking some things haven't really improved, but the shapes are definitely better, much smoother, and sceneries more detailed. I'm sure there's a lot of improvement in the motion too as the old characters look a bit square (that can't really be seen in the comparison)... but those colors man! Maybe change the palette a bit?

I like the lipsync in this; was surprised you even had some teeth included. That part felt surprisingly detailed compared to the sceneries... which I feel could be better. At many times there's just plain colors for backgrounds, when even simple shapes or lines would give the illusion of scenery. The floorboards look a bit square in the room, too, and lines overall are a bit squiggly. Looking at your newer animations there's a big difference!

As for sound, I feel the volume is a bit imbalanced. I had to turn it up and down depending on the scene. When the music's playing it's real loud and when some character speak you can barely hear what they're saying, a more consistent level for that would be great.

As for plot, that part was pretty entertaining. That final foot scene could've been a bit more intense, maybe shake the screen a bit when the foot comes crashing down? Include some sound? Something? Twas a fun watch though, keep it up!


artistunknown responds:

I think my colors have improved slightly since this, though I prefer vibrant colors (like in this) as opposed to overly saturated colors (as in the original) but a lot of people seem to like the look of saturated colors more, so I've tried to find a nice balance recently. The scenery coloring I do agree with though. As for the characters looking square and the motion being bad in the original, the original was drawn in MS Paint with the line tool, so yeah, even for something in MS Paint (which I have made some pretty decently animated stuff in MS Paint) it looks pretty bad. Which is why I wanted to remake it ;3

Of my older stuff, I always hear that the lipsync is the best part, which is weird because I never learned how to properly lipsync until recently to find out I was doing it right the entire time. I've started to lean away from more detailed teeth though, because it didn't seem to fit too well with the rest of my "style". As for backgrounds, yeah I was always lazy with them and sometimes I still am, but I've tried to make more complex backgrounds now. I've gotten a lot better at landscape drawing, and drawing non-organics, so I can definitely make some nice backgrounds if I put the time into it.

Yeah, volume has been and still is (to a lesser degree) a problem for me, especially in this. I feel I've gotten a little better at sound design though. What's funny is for a while I put absolutely no sound or music in my stuff because I was afraid of it being imbalanced with the voices.

I'm not sure how I could have made the screen shake convincingly since it cuts to the credits immediately after, but now that I think about it, a squishing sound would have worked. I don't think I had a huge sound library when I made this though, or maybe at the time I thought sound effects weren't needed, I don't know ;3

Seems even the remake has some problems, looks like I need to remake it again! Ha.

Thanks for the review! ;3

Some of the voices were off-volume, and made it hard to hear. Otherwise, a fun, short skit with a CLIFFHANGER ENDING!!!

Good job!

artistunknown responds:

Yeah, I still cringe at the quietness of some of the voices whenever I watch this. Oh well, at least I have a better mic now.

Cliffhanger eh? I think I have an idea for another short ;3

Thanks for the review!

so funny

Nicely animated and paced.

There's a lot of noticeable improvement in your animation. It's much more smoother and natural than before, which is good. The only thing that could use work is the line quality, though depending on whether you have a tablet, you should have the "Use Air Pressure" tool in Flash that shows whenever you have a pressure-sensitive tablet pen.

I think everything was paced very well. The writing was decent but it felt a little empty, like it wasn't complete. I think the ending came a little abruptly, and the "small one becomes big" is a little cliche, but it's still a nice little piece.


artistunknown responds:

Well, I'm glad that the only thing that needs to be improved on is line quality. I don't currently have a tablet, but I will be getting one soon, so hopefully that improves line quality. I'll keep the "Use Air Pressure" in mind for whenever I do get one.
The writing would probably be a little off since it wasn't altered much from its original 2007 version (I only changed up some dialog, and added some bits here an there). There was never really a planned joke, other than Toady winning, which yes is a little cliche, but what isn't nowadays? :3
Nonetheless, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm amazed that my animation has improved in your eyes. Thank you for the review.