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A Last Show

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Johnnie Coconut is a succesful stuntman in the city. Everything changes when he discover terminal cancer. Destroyed, he decides to do a Last Show, one that would rock the ages of people forever.

This is a game that should be played many times to sucessfully learn the little nuances of gameplay, and then ascending to space.

This game was done with Flex SDK and Flashdevelop (both are free, what are you waiting for?)

Thank YOU, awesome person, for playing!


The controls are explained in-game.

Try stacking up the bricks, making a tower, and going up. Can you reach space?

The Highscore here at newgrounds needs to be approved. Sorry for the incovenience, but you still can compete with close friends and family in the personal highscores!

Oh and please do not give up. This game will offer a great deal of surprises as you go on!

PS.: Maybe the achievements popup isn't appearing to everyone. I am trying to eliminate this problem. Don't worry, though: your medals will be unlocked. Plus, the highscores still need to be approved in the time of this writing.

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The game can be solved by methodically boxing in your character with normal crates and warping upwards, preparing a new box every time and warping as you ascend.

The only deaths you will suffer from this point on come from glitches(that need to be fixed). Namely:

Some of the melee enemies can spawn INSIDE of crates and advance towards you, killing you.
Scraping against pre-stacked boxes that are closer together than the height of the character's hitbox instantly kills you for no apparent reason (presumably, the game is acting under the assumption that one of them is following you)

I'm assuming that the piercing-laser firing enemies were designed to mitigate the effectiveness of this strategy, but it's possible to work around them.

Brantkings responds:

Yes, you are kinda right. Kinda because this is a very difficult solution to do, I guess, because of the glitches you mentioned. It may be possible because in this build I left the possibility to jump next crates by pressing numbers. I was going to remove it, but left it to be a super secret in the game. Should not have done that, hahah.

The first glitch, I cannot imagine how that could even be possible, because the enemies always spawn at the edges of the screen. On second thought, it may be possible only if you are piling blocks on the edges. But that would be suicide, because of the enemies spawn points, so I do believe what you are talking about is on the second glitch.

Yeah, scraping against these conditions result in a death. That is actually expected, because if your head hitbox is colliding with a block at the same time your feet hitbox is colliding with another block, the game actually believes your bones are broken already, you brain is smashed and you are dead. Interesting, I did it that way because I did not believe players would think they could "fit" among blocks (I removed the tree's possibility to kill you the same way, because that was happening way too much), so I guess I was wrong.

Well, finally, really thanks! Please forgive my spelling.

i get 6k and no one medals D:!???¿¿? can you fix it?

Brantkings responds:

DDD: you using the latest flash player!?


Brantkings responds:

obama.jpg Thanks!

Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2012
3:44 PM EDT