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Spell Storm

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Tasked by your masters to defeat the evil chaos reaper - you now stand before his dark fortress ...

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add SOME roleplaying in it (choosing between a history tree of 2chooses--> then 2chooses each (4)--> to a maximum of 8 superclasses corresponding to 8 big spells. (2 good spells, 2 evil, 4 neutral)

who will say no

Fun game, engaging and addicting. Haven't played an original shooter in a while. Kudos!

Suprisingly better then I thought it would be, would love to see a sequel!

Perhaps even a PS3store/Xboxarcade version if you could do it. With a true story mode, survival mode and more levels/characters.

I'd buy it.

There's a little bug. When I complete a stage, the image get larger and dosn't fit in the game screen anymore. But great game!