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The Beer!

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This guy does anything to get a nice cold beer!

It's kind of laggy when it zooms in. I couldn't avoid it. The video file I exported works great.

YouTube VERSION without lags:
youtube.com/watch?v=bo0YD 2WVL8s

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3/5 scored and reviewed

A very big improvement of what I've seen, smoother animation, good lip synching, pretty fluid all around pretty good. But good god man, that voice of yours simply can not pass for acceptable. Please get some voice actors, you can post VA wanted ads on the flash forums, many do theirs for free, at least do them for Female voice acting roles, as clearly, yours doesn't cut it, not even for funny.

Other than that, ok joke, even though obvious and quite predictable. I like the improvements though, they quite out shine the negatives in this. Just get some better VA's and perhaps a better script, your ideas are ok but they aren't all too original or provide a very big punch. I do a bit of script if you're interested. The best kinds of flash are a team effort pulled from all over the community, don't be afraid to ask for help. Keep it up.

- Hollow -

yeswekenny responds:

Thanks really helpful again.
I can't do much about my voice itself so I sadly will have to look for va's.
the script - this was something that happened between me and my brother. of couse without him or me falling down the stairs. thought i'd make a flash about it.
I would apreciate you helping me with the scripts and I would like to come back at you when i have the time, but for -> schoolwork

i'll look for people who are open to do this :-)

a little rough on voices.

yeswekenny responds:

i'm apparently kinda whack at voice acting but i know this. and i try my best to get better but it seems my voice itself isn't liked very much.

the only reason i'm giving this such a low rating, is for originality. i've seen this same skit plenty of other places.

yeswekenny responds:

really? i didn't know, thaught it's funny when i had the idea and thaught it's new :-( but i really didn't rip it off. at least not on purpose.
kinda bugs me now. :-(

I agree that is was a good idea, but the voice acting needed some work. That's why I left a star out.

yeswekenny responds:

thanks for the 4
yeah i know i need to work on voice acting. it's the hardest part of an animation (for me) but i think it's as important as the animation itself.

waste of time not funny

yeswekenny responds:

I'm sorry you felt this way