Zombie Doll Trailer

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The trailer for a new series created by Jeff Short and Joe Lo Truglio!

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Zoe looks like an almost total rip-off from Xombiefied series... And that does not look like a pastige of her to me, but a lack of imagination...
Also - the whole trailer is full of old, stupid jokes. You want to give us old, fried for the fifth time burgers as if they were fresh...
I'm outta here.

Is this going to be a real show or what?

sirjeffofshort responds:

It was at one point, but that fell through and its looking less and less likely by the day that it will ever see production, so most likely I'll just end up releasing what we have into the wild and be done with it.

wow thanks i need to clean my keyboards because the.... everything was so good even th choice of music

looks good i look forward to seeing it i added you as a favorite only probleam is that the lip sync seem off for the girls at :51sec and :54secs

sirjeffofshort responds:

Total honesty... we had to do a line swap for the trailer to keep it appropriate for all audiences... good eye.

Please bring the rest... Looks great.