Noir Escape

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Private eye is trapped inside enemy's office. Use your wits to solve the puzzle and escape!

Use the mouse to interact with the game.

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There seems to be a glitch, I can't see any play or start button. it seems I can only see about 3/4ths of screen...which is weird. I really wanted to play...

Not bad! Pretty short, but not bad. The game did freeze on some credits when I clicked on one of the chairs facing the desk. I had to restart after that. The arrows clue was a little confusing at first but I finished the game. It was a cute idea, I liked the way you did the decorative text boxes. Wish there was more to it... maybe even an actual mystery to solve.

It was definitely something I think you should build upon... good job!

this walkthrough written by me LOL (( BUT I RECOMMEND PLAY BY UR SELF :D ))

1- go to the desk & open drawer & take knife

2- check your jacket - get Wallet - check Wallet - get card - check the card read it (( Marie Overton ))

3- check the 2 drawers stand by alphabetical order & check drawer start with M by using card for (( Marie Overton )) Document

4 - read the tips - check the different colored book - get gun - check bottle of spirit - get ammo for gun

5- use knife - cut left chair - get box - cut box - get bulp

6 - get cloth from garbage - use clothe to change normal pulp to special pulp (( arrows appears ))

7 - click woman paint - click buttons by arrows order that they appear recently - get key

8- use key open jail door - load un with ammo - shoot door - WIN

Although somewhat short, I liked it. The puzzles were intuitive and logical. I hate those escape games where you have to click every fricking pixel just to find something to interact with. I do hope to see the continuation of this game!

It was fun, but a bit short. It leaves room for a sequel, though.

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3.57 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2012
5:29 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click