Dzz left Nut

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Hey guys i knw its short and retarted. its my first game. thanks for all the feed back. im working on a way better one tho.

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this is one of the best games ever Keep it up

This game was really no deeper than the basic challenge of guiding the ball through the obstacle course. I understood the memes at the beginning, but really didn't understand why they were there. I understand it's your first game, but I really thing you could have tried harder than this.

P.S. If you ever make a serious submission, please try and use decent grammar. Random abbreviations and mistakes (feat instead of feed) really make submissions like this unappealing.

NIGNUGZ responds:

thanks, adn im sorree about the missspelling mum

Yo man this is tight! I beat it! nice pics by the way.

NIGNUGZ responds:

like a nun

Far too short, not that entertaining, and really, the concept isn't that amazing. Needs a lot of work

NIGNUGZ responds:

thanks for the feed back brahh

Although it was funny that you place memes all over the place, most of the game was practically a grey screen. The memes were in the beginning, and during the game in the portals with the forever alone guy, but most of the time it was a grey screen and you should've put more memes in the game. The controls were bad since it wouldn't let me jump and move at the same time, so i had to jump then move which kinda sucked. If i did jump and move at the same time, it would only let me move which made me fall. Also, there was no music and when i landed on a floating platform, i didn't move with it so i fell if i didn't move a little at a time. Overall, it wasn't good and i wish you replace the blue ball with a meme character or something and the red balls with meme characters or something...also replace the background with funny meme stuff and different backgrounds as you advance so...IT COULD BE AT LEAST DECENT.

NIGNUGZ responds:

first project bro but thanks for the opinions <3

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2.92 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2012
3:46 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop