Little Fighter Alpha Ch10

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Four years after the last chapter of the Little Fighter Alpha series, Chapter 10 is finally done!
No, it didn't take four years to make, but one of the reason why it took so long was because I initially was not satisfied with the look of Chapter 10. Fast forward a few years later, while learning Adobe After Effects (a video compositing software), I realized that I can use this software to create a sprite movie. With it, I was able to achieve the visual effects I was looking for.

So here it is, I hope you enjoy it! I apologize to any fan who waited this long for this!


Man! I love this thing! You should keep on going! I will always rate you 5 stars!

MaxR responds:

Thank you! I did and now Ch.11 is out :)

I'm suddenly rewatching the whole series although I've watched all of them (a lot of times for chapter 1-8 since years ago)

Although this one is way shorter than the last one, but it's well animated... Just 2 more episodes, go for it!

MaxR responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the series so far!

bro it was awesome .....but make sure to make longer and quiker on 11 chptr.....my hopes r on u

MaxR responds:

Will do, Ch11 is out and it's much longer than now :)

I was waiting for it since very long time and finally it is out. It is awesome and cool. I hope Ch.11 releases soon. I am waiting for it. Excellent work MaxR. Well done. :) Again excellent work. :) Hope that Ch.11 will be much better.

MaxR responds:

Thank you! Ch11 is out now, sorry to keep you waiting. I am very pleased with how Ch11 turned out and I hope you do too!

Amazing animations! I used to play LF2 when I was little and I remember I started watching this series when there was only 8 chapters. it was pretty unexpected to see different video software but I really like this!
Little Fighter 2 is an awesome game and once in a while I check what's new and if there is new chapter in Little Fighter Alpha series.
Only one thing bother me:
There was no Rectangles that showing what's with Julian and what's willing to happen? maybe because there is only 2 rectangles, anyway it was missing.
Great to see Chapter 10 after a long time.
I'll be here waiting for the next one :)
(greetings from Israel!)

MaxR responds:

Thank you for following this series this whole time. I took your suggestion and applied it to Ch11 :)

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Sep 28, 2012
12:17 AM EDT