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Author Comments

Valbrook, our little web series about a small town and it's diverse citizens! Southern hospitality, soul food, high school football, drunks, veiled racism, boobs, zombies, cats, midgets, haunted mansions, bumfights, unlimited free parking--this town has it all! We're sure you'll think it's a hoot 'n a half!

More episodes are coming! Visit http://www.valbrook.net

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Just simply unimpressed. The humor wasn't just ddry but it didn't even fit into the general theme of the attempted artwork. Animation wasn't half bad considering these are free worked animations but overall... I blam this.

Well done! This episode screamed original situation all over it! You have some high leveled executive/owner, a individual who is not happy on what form of consumerism is brought forth int their eyes and a grotesquely, large, obese fat officer of a law that is not very bright upstairs. In fact that man's brain would be considered vacant as reflected on the unspeakable thing that he did to the "evidence". I'm going to bestow you my friend a solid 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. Your getting better and more improved the more you continue along with your series. Keep up the good work and keep spreading laughter and cheers to everyone here just as you've did for me! I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

First off,fix the title.Ok so the animation wasn't half bad all together but the voice over work was lacking big time.Do fat people always talk slowly and seemingly unaware of what's going on around them?I get what you were going for but the voice just didn't reflect it and just seemed generic.That's besides the point though,the writing was the main downfall i suppose because it just wasn't engaging to say the least.You have some talent so next time try a little harder on the voice acting and do rough draft after rough draft until you get a script that is guaranteed to get a few laughs,if comedy is what you're going for that is.

insertnamehere85 responds:

I tried taking it down to fix the title. Looks like Newgrounds isn't having it. Oh well...

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I can definitely see your point. Yeah these are kinda made in a rush if you couldn't tell. Not that it is an excuse for poor writing or voice work mind you. Initially these "Quickies" were a test to see how quickly we could come up with something. Sometimes they land, sometimes they don't.

But really it is criticism like this that really helps me move forward on to the next. We are currently developing the series for something on a grander scale and having it on Newgrounds really helps me see the flaws others see.

Thanks for giving me some good insight! Keep watching! I hope at least one of my other Quickies will get a laugh out of you.

Credits & Info

2.00 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2012
2:13 PM EDT