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Dinoyachtclub : Kidnapped

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When diplomacy fails, President Reagan calls on a clandestine attack force of British dinosaurs known only as THE DINO YACHT CLUB. When Piggy Von Hogge kidnaps Reagan and Haig, the Dinos are forced to give themselves up, coming face to face with the enemy.

You can see the latest epidoes on our youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/us er/animonster/videos

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I love it skipped straight to Willoughby being laughed at in this one. Will he never learn? Laughed at his "no!" to Charles' plan too. And his dancing. And the chains on- actually, I just adored that ending. Especially the little piece of ending music, perfect!

The sudden change into atmospheric music and rain was well done too, it felt like a boss fight was about to start!

One of the best episodes (if not the best) in the series so far!

About time the antagonist showed this true face.
Wonder what will happen in the next episode?

AnimonsterOfficial responds:

Only time will tell...

I don't understand any of the hate directed to you guys. Your work is brilliant! The completely ludicrous nature of it, the crisp and smooth animation, superb and fitting voicing, lovable characters(voices, personality, design, and interpretation), and the very idea of Debonair Dinosaurs and a slightly Derpy Dino is so blatantly brilliant.

If any hate is directed to the authors of the flash itself, shame on you! Hating the person/group is no reason to hate the work. It should viewed as its own separate entity and judged on the actual quality of it, not its creator.

And hate pointed at Animonster them self makes no sense. They're doing what they deem necessary and efficacious towards their goal. And it's not money, I've been reading on past reviews and their replies. No, their goal is the provision of entertainment with a decent quality to their audience.

I would have liked to wrote this earlier on previous animations, but I noticed the mass upload of them altogether within the time span of a few days. So I opted to wait it out and finish viewing all of them then write a review. I then noticed the Animonster Youtube channel and saw the plethora of animations made and surmised that Animonster is simply transferring majority if not all of it onto Newgrounds. I saw that several reviewers pointed that out and raged at that simple fact; I find it such a trivial idea to rage and rant about. Again, their doing it to spread their entertainment to a larger audience. Nothing wrong about it.

Now notice I said decent. Now this is the critiquing part of the review. While the animation quality is above average and very eye-pleasing, I also noticed the short time span to upload these(I saw that on Youtube that they were merely a week apart in publishing). This could be achieved in two methods off the top of my head. 1) That the group worked diligently on it and made many prior to release, or 2) Re-usage of source material and static characters with minimal movement. To me, 2 seems more likely.

Notice how in almost every flash of DYC the characters are always in the same poses and barely ever move, and when they do move it their is minimal signs of them actually moving. They look more like moving game pieces that are simply being picked up and moved. Best example would the Dictatorship episode. They also recycle minor characters and just redesign them with different apparel but in the same poses and positions. Example: I believe any episodes with visible enemies, such as the Panama and I think 500 Karat, where they even reuse the same pose of them on fire. While this does provide relatively easy and fast animations with decent quality, it does get rather stale and seems cheap.

But I am able to look pass upon it and still enjoy the work. The opening tune and seeing the DYC launch out from their jets(Which by the way is superb animation) always makes me heavy with awe.
Oh, and my one complaint about this episode is that the "sad" DYC tune didn't seem too particularly sad. The high pitch of the singer detracted from my experience. Anyways, that's my 2 cents on the DYC series in general. Point it, I like and wish to see more.

P.S. Any haters out there that don't like it or Animonster them self and just completely lose control and "yell" out any profanities, I just have this to say. If it's not your cup of tea, then try another.
P.S.S. Ha. I made a pun. A relatively bad one but one nevertheless.

AnimonsterOfficial responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review, it feels great to know there are people out there effected enough by our works to take the time to spell out their thoughts as you have. Contrary to what those "haters", as you called them, may believe, we really do love hearing from all of you in this wonderful community, and hope to learn and improve based on your feedback. Your input is greatly appreciated!

It didnt load @ all for me, just white screen, i really wanted to see this to! :(

Amazing absurdity.