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I've been playing around with procedural generation.

Briefly it's sandbox + simulation. See controls at the start.

R - generate new map
I - turn on/off info
Space - help


Pretty neat. Kinda wish there was some more to do, and the meteors destroying everything overtime is pretty saddening. ;-; Still, cool game with a lot of room to improve and grow. :)

Kendja responds:

Hi! I'm working on a new Worldbox atm. It's still on early stage, but civilizations and other stuff are totally planned. Including more ways of world destruction.

I post updates on my twitter "@Kendja".

All suggestions about what to add are welcome!

Really not much here. Kind of a neat "deity's ant farm" sandbox but other than just growing across the map and then getting obliterated by meteors eventually, the people don't do much.

Btw If your peeps have blue = plague i believe you can press v to cure them or (V again to give them the plague :3)

This is a nice wee game/sim/thing but I'd like it if the meteorites were much rarer. The game can't be left to evolve on its own, for example, overnight - all that's left in the morning is a cratered mess!

Also if there was a way to create towns that aren't linked to the other towns, to create a rival population.

Otherwise this is a good way to kill some time :)

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Hmmm... I had did an experiment, having one village/town/keep/whatever. I'd come back later, around the year 1,026. Once I had come back, everything was destroyed. Back to the point of the review, great game I enjoyed it, but I wish there were a few things I'd like added; a zoom in and zoom out option... Also I'd like to zoom in to see what the so called "creatures" look like.

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2012
8:13 AM EDT
Simulation - Other