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Reviews for "WorldBox"

Amazing game!

I made a map of europe, then I made a map of the US, and the britains came over to the US. o____o
Soon after, they started dying off for some strange reason...

America just had deja vu. XD

5/5 Both, Awesome job, very realistic!

Can someone help me?
This is what I did:
Built awsome plains full of trees with loads of water as well.
Then people started going dead from starvation at about 27.

XD i used various sizes of asteriod to send to island nations into full scale war!

this game is brilliant, with a bit of refining this will be a spectacular game! excellent work.

time to bring out the nukes.

Wait a couple days and I got a million people... Meteor time.

I don't know why, but when I'm playing this it feels like I'm making a new Pokemon region.