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You went to the beach and when you arrive there... it was full of Pandas. Now you need to scare them away, so you can have a place to seat.

Click around - to throw the ball - and scare them.

Red Pandas means danger. STAY AWAY!

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It was a fun game i did beat it, I like it because it passes time nicely.

I love these kind of games, but it got kinda boring after awhile.

Finished this game in under fifteen minutes, a very nice idea but the design and the game itself is very basic. I think an improvement would be to have special pandas which can then unlock new dimensions and new levels. Something to stare it away from the basic games we're used to, however I thoroughly enjoyed it and it's a good way to spend some time when you're bored out of your face AND ill. Maybe have an unlock element where you unlock multiple beachballs or like a lightning strike? Something to think about!

Classic game to pass the time if you're bored xD
I think it's entertaining,but I got kinda bored after sometime,
cause certain aspects,that many already said,make this game
annoying with time.

Somewhat entertaining, has potential to become highly addictive if certain aspects were to be fixed.

1. The overall detection range of the pandas became highly irritating as the levels progressed, I counted far too many times that I sat and watched as my beach ball or the panda that I blew into cute and fuzzy shrapnel skated over its would-be victim, most often happening with it's ears. Increasing the "hit" range would make the game alot better by simply avoiding those annoying moments in which I clearly took off that panda's ears yet he refuses to explode.

2. A small heads-up in the beginning of the game (or even better in the How-to Play section) that tells you what the pandas in the game do would be a very nice addition. Once I blew up a green panda with a chunk of previously killed yellow panda only to watch this new one explode viciously and kill all the angry red pandas after I got past the check point needed for that round was frustrating to say the least.

3. Purple pandas became an annoyance, one moment they spray out alot of chunks the next they throw one baby panda diagonally. The randomness of that panda hampered the game slightly, I'd suggest changing what it does. Maybe make it spray it's bits in the direction from which it was hit in a spread pattern, hit it from the bottom and everything under it gets rained on.

4. Movement speed, this one may be my imagination or human error on my part as I couldn't check the fps but the speed of some panda chunks seemed to move faster than others. While this effect appeared to be entirely random and was overall not too much of an issue on it's own, when it was coupled with the strange detection range of the pandas it became the issue that finally made me stop playing.

Overall it is a nice time burner that could use a few tweeks as it has the potential to be very addictive, think of how simple bubble burst and bejewled are yet how many people play that on their phones, if these things are fixed. All in all I enjoyed pelting pandas with beach ball themed frag grenades and using their fuzzy shrapnel to trigger explosions in the rest of their cute population, I look forward to having a revamped version of this on my phone someday. Cheers

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Sep 23, 2012
7:19 PM EDT
Action - Other