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Line Rider V3.3

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A long long time ago (2006 to be precise) a guy from Slovenia (fsk) posted to Deviant Art a flash toy called Line Rider. It was a phenomenon. Over the past 6 years, a fan base has developed and still continues to play it today. But like any following, there are the bad sides to it. Some time later (2007 I believe), a game company called Inxile came, and bought Line Rider. It turned out to be the biggest mistake ever. Line Rider Beta 3 was terrible, they advertised their games through it, it was simply too far from the core, and what the community wanted. Then Unbound came out. I'm not even going to explain how bad that was.

Then came along two flash programmers. Mhenr18 being one of them, who is famous for Line rider 6.7. The version that is considered the standard in the community. The other guy was me. I decided to make my own improvements on LR based on 6.7. I wouldn't say my "innovations" were true to the core, or what Fsk may have wanted, but these additions were what the community wanted, and it's still being developed upon.

So here you go, a long deserved tribute to Line Rider (imho). Line Rider V3.3.

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Aaah..... finally after so long, i found it again! this is one of those nostalgic games

still fun!

i don't know if this is because of flash ending, or because it's an actual glitch, but when i save a track, it is grayed out in the save/load menu. otherwise, great game!

guys, you can still play this game (and flash games on newgrounds) by downloading the newgrounds player and setting the time on your computer back to 2020 or under

This may be gone tomorrow by the stroke of midnight, will miss playing this game when I'm board at work, I remember my cousin first showing me this game and having endless enjoyment making all kinds of crazy tracks. A true Flash Fan till The End.