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Dyc: Ladies First

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You can see the latest epidoes on our youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/us er/animonster/videos

When diplomacy fails, President Reagan calls on a clandestine attack force of British dinosaurs known only as THE DINO YACHT CLUB. Willoughby forever loses his chef privileges when he forgets to put Ladies First.

We've also got some cool T-shirts at : http://www.rodeoarcade.co m/collections/animonster

DYC VIDEO GAME: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/595205

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Well, the summary isn't very accurate, the blinking sound was a little overused, that comet was far too small/close to the planet, and you still REALLY NEED END CREDITS!

This said: It's about a group of Brit dino pilots. I still love it.

I really like the serie. Certainly, this is not one of the best episodes, but is still fun and nicely done. What I, sometimes, don't like are the abrupt endings; is really nothing important, maybe I'm just to accustomed to animations ending with some black screen or credits, or whatever someone can do to indicate that the animation has ended.

Hey psychicpebble, is this what we're doing now?
Penalizing people who had the gumption to form a group to work towards a common creative goal?

Even if one were to grant all your arguments, is wanting to get a paycheque from doing something you love really that bad?

I mean isn't that why you consistently have produced parody after parody, running the newgrounds ads? These guys can't even get the ad revenue given that video doesn't support the flash api, and your bordering on fascism if you think there is something wrong with people volunteering to give these dudes money for a cool shirt, or these guys trying to make a buck off their work.

Plus if you're gonna play the "you're stealing awards from people" card, don't you feel it's a little hypocritical given the parasitic nature of your cartoons to leach off popular media?

I think what's worse than a studio submitting stuff and doing well, is when someone submits a short cartoon that overshadows better ones purely because of the pop culture references it manages to cram into it's narrative.

At least these dudes have created an original series, that's pretty fucking awesome, & funny...
That's not to say the series doesn't have problems, the tweened animation is really off putting in some scenes, and at times looks rigid; there are parts of the cartoon that need polish and cleanup (some of the cockpit scenes come to mind).

But giving a submission a zero because your upset that it was crafted by a studio is fucking lame, and petty 13 year old shit.

For all we know these guys have inspired some kids to write and animate their own stories, it raises the bar higher, and makes people strive to be better artists. It might get people to collaborate with other people and form there own animation groups, and that can only be a good thing.

My point is you should base your score based on the merits of the cartoon, otherwise you'll come off as an ostentatious cad.


wow so much hate around here :|

come on! if you dont like it... the just dont watch.. period!

me? I love the brithish accent and the nonsense of dinosaurs riding jets xD

AnimonsterOfficial responds:

Thank you so much! Your love is much appreciated.

In response to the last review, I can answer for myself.

You guys are a team/studio of people who have been working for years. Anyone can and should upload to this site, but come on. This site is where most users start out and communicate, and get better and share skills and ideas.

You spam upload twice per day because that's your limit, if there was no limit you would have many more videos on here. You throw your shit up here, promote tshirts, and leave.

You don't want to improve or get feedback, and you don't care to give any. You want your views and paycheck and exposure and that's it.

Although I don't really care for awards, especially on a place like Newgrounds, other users do. It gives them a goal to strive for. They want to get front page or daily first, so they work harder to get to it. When they need to compete with a fucking team of people, and when you guys are guaranteed praise and awards, it kills motivation. Beginning users come here to meet other users, get feedback, and improve.

You wish to do none of those things.

I don't think any of the anger from the community is directed towards you, (perhaps it is, since you've worked with RWJ and most people above 11 hate him) I think it's directed towards the idea of a studio uploading to a website filled with stand alone animators.

A kid spends four weeks on his cartoon that he's proud of, uploads it, and his praise, award, and everything he worked for is stolen by a studio who pumps these out for a quick paycheck.

Continuing uploading if you wish, because I know what I say has no affect on your decision, but don't be surprised when you get shit for continuing. I think your decision to upload or not to upload reflects how much you care about feedback compared to money.

AnimonsterOfficial responds:

Your assumptions about money are understandable, but I assure you the team here doesn't expect to receive any substantial 'paycheck' from uploading here, in fact it's basically non-existent.

You can choose to believe me or not, but I assure you that every one of us is just as grateful and excited to receive the trophies we have as any other user. It makes all our hard work worth while to see the massive amounts of positive feedback thus far from a community that is truly passionate about animation. People who laugh at our humor and are entertained by our silly little creations.

Yes, it is true that we are a team but we're not as massive as you seem to believe, and not that different either. In reality we are just a small group of about 5 guys who are passionate and devoted to our work. Not long ago we were just like each of you guys, young and just getting excited about the amazing world of animation. Because of this I understand where your resentment comes from, I really do, but know that it's not our goal to suppress or belittle your commitment to this wonderful community, but rather to share with, to encourage, and maybe even in some small way inspire some of what is undoubtedly the next generations of animators.

We are in a exciting new time where the internet allows us to take this silly dream of drawing cartoons and make it a reality. People with nothing but passion and a few good ideas can rise to actually making a living doing what they love. At the very least I would like to keep that hope alive, to be an example of that dream.

I am sorry that you took it the wrong way, I really am. If you want to continue to view our little group here as 'the man' then please do as you wish. But as long as there are still people here that enjoy our work (and no offense to you, but they seem to greatly outweigh the negative by a drastic margin) then we will continue to be involved in this community.

I've come to NewGrounds since I was 16 years old, I could have never imagined I would be here today doing what I am now. I hope the same for all of you.

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3.68 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2012
6:42 PM EDT