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Wildcat Asteroid Miner

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Author Comments

Self-Replicating Robot Drones have taken over the entire Asteroid Diamond Mining Industry driving human wages down to near zero. But a few mavericks are still hidden among the planetoids and rocks, scratching out a dangerous and profitible living the old fashioned way: With reflexes and hot plasma blasters.
Your goal is simple: Collect all the diamonds you need to upgrade your ship and destroy the drone base.
Can you defeat the robot hive?

--- Thanks for trying my game. Here are a few tips:
1. Only torpedos can damage the drone base.
2. Mine diamonds by colliding with the asteroids, or hitting them with your blasters.
3. The drones only start off with a few robots. But the longer you take to attack, the more enemies there will be. And the more you blow things up, the tougher the enemies will get.

Anyway - I hope you like the game. It was inspired by the classic arcade game Sinistar, only it doesn't kill you after just 30 seconds of play. Let me know what you think!
== Update ==
Added continuous firing on blasters in response to user review. (Thanks!)

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I admit, at first I was expecting a cheap Sinistar knock-off, but I was surprised to find a game that pays great tribute to one of my all time favorite old school arcade games. Great job man, all fives here.

this game is cool

Not a bad game, a few problems though:

Using the arrow keys is pretty intuitive and the controls for weapons are on screen, but there's no indication of how much damage you've taken or how many diamonds you've collected. The station acting as a shop should probably be told too, even if it might seem obvious.

Do the armor upgrades stack? I couldn't tell because there was no health bar or the like. Also, the double blaster upgrade should only be available once for each ship, being able to buy it several times just wastes diamonds.

The seemingly random sound effects were a little disturbing, some background music might be nice.

psturgeon responds:

Thanks for the review. That armor thing is a bug. You can't stack them, sorry i did not catch that first. I'll update that as soon as I can.
The UI suggestions are also great. I'm working on how best to do them now.
And the sound effects happen when the drones perform an action: delivering mined diamonds, spawning new miners and defenders. I should probably also add some sort of text notification so people know what's going on more. I thought that might be fun to discover, but after your comment I think its just too HARD to discover, so just make it obvious, right?
Again - thanks for taking the time to write a review. I appreciate your helping me make this a better game.

I liked the idea you had and I know you spent time on this. Sorry to say but I got bored really quick suggest you start with a tutorial lvl first also suggest that you make it to where lvl's are based for things like get diamonds, kill drones outpost and or bases, get the laid off miners to help you fight the drone mother base and then fight the drone mother base and destroy it. That would make this game alot more fun. Also some music would be good.

psturgeon responds:

That's a fair point. The game does start off slowly. I'm thinking over ways to get players engaged more quickly, but I'm not sure the game is deep enough to have a tutorial. But I do think there is something to what you said. And your ideas for expanding the game through levels and story are pretty cool. Thanks for the feedback.

You need to implement a keyhold function for the blaster because for now it's very annoying...

psturgeon responds:

@Soulgame - that is a great suggestion. I have uploaded a new version with that feature. You should be able to press and hold "Z" to fire continuously.

Credits & Info

3.31 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2012
4:26 PM EDT