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Stick Grand Canyon Jump

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Author Comments

For my high school computer class we had to make a flash movie. This would count as a project grade. Even though I do not pretend to be a master flash maker, I was the only one in the class who had experience with flash. My friend and partner, Tyler Anderson, quickly caught on to Flash and became pretty good for the short time he learned it in. Me and him teamed up to make this movie. However, we had no time to make it in class, so I got stuck doing the whole damn thing by myself. That was ok, becuase this was fun making. To his credit, Tyler did create the premise, helped with the intro, and the biker himself. The storyline is this- A daredevil stick character attempts to jump over the grand canyon. This took me a long time to make. I actually spent a while during my free time in school creating a script, especially for what the characters would say. When the presentation in our computer class finally came up, Me and Tyler had hands down the best flash. My teachers (I have two teachers in computer class) were laughing their ass off. The class decided the grades for the presentation and we were the only ones to get an A. You should have seen some of the crap other groups made, it was hilarious. What you are about to see is the movie my group made. I added a few things such as a preloader and a replay button. Anyway, please vote fairly and write reviews. I love reading reviews.

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Funny Shit

LOL The Size Of The Grand Canyon Was Blown Way Out Of Proportion. That Little Stick Fucker Loved It.

Pretty Good

I'm a complete idiot when it comes to flash, so I don't know how hard that was to make. Just little things like the wheels not moving, the sky being static when he jumps and no dust when he hits the cliff made it seem like it was missing something. Maybe if you went back and just for a couple hours added on these things people wouldn't be writing such unfair, dumbass reviews.


That almost sucked really bad. Oh, wait a minuite......IT DID! What the hell were you thinking! The wheels on his bike didn't even move! Half the time I couldn't tell if he was moving or if you were just zooming out. You just wasted 3 good minuits of my life I can never get back. Why don't you try that stunt yourself. Hope fully it will have the same outcome. By the way Clocks Suck


;) Another fucking stupid movie which make my mother scream like a turtle which is crucified by Mickeal Jackson!!! (If you don't understand the previous sentence, open a window, make shure that nobody will help you, then open your wings and try to fly in the sky like bird and then...FUCK OFF!!! DIE LIKE FLYING SHIT :)

Thank for your patience and your comprehension

"Amicalement: votre dévoué serviteur MasterOfNoSens ;)"

Mushroom-Clock responds:



Hmmmmm, that was interesting

The bit at the end really made me laugh. The voices really need redoing because they were crap, sorry but they spoiled it for me. Apart from that it was really funny though, not suprised your schoolmates laughed. Change the voices and it will get a better mark.


Mushroom-Clock responds:

This movie wouldn't even be funny if it didn't have the robotic voices. That is what makes it funny.

Credits & Info

3.05 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2002
12:02 AM EDT