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This is the complete trailer for "One".
Give me any ideas or criticism.


Now this is one of the few old ass submissions I like I can only hope it got released!

i like it
this tells the story of a chosen individual who will one day end a war and bring peace to the peoples

i like the narration and the detail that went into this

the lip syncing was way off but it actually makes me want to see this movie

Short trailer, but still good

So that was something differant, This is kind of old, and it being a trailer is nice and all, i do however think that you could have put a bit more content in this, the "VOICE" was pretty good and the text wording was pretty good, but the thing is there was not enough visuals and content, I do understand this is a trailer but even with that it could use more visuals, But on that note good job on the character and the "VOCALS" the voice worked very well with this, so nice job there, so with making things better, add some more visuals, more stuff going on, and more characters of course, anyways nice work here i liked it and its a start for something really good.

so with making things better, add some more visuals, more stuff going on, and more characters of course

By 2000 standards, this is actually pretty good. I enjoyed the artwork and anime-style drawings you put here, but there are still a lot of flaws with this trailer. One of them would be the voice; I'd suggest getting another voice actor, or at least telling the current voice actor to be louder.

The beginning was fairly boring animation-wise because it featured nothing more than a drawing and some text scrolling. I'd suggest more shots to accompany the soundtrack, so that the viewer doesn't get bored too easily.

The pacing here felt slow, and dragging. Trailers usually have a fast pace, and as indicated by some of your previous reviewers, the lack of scenery and slow pace drove some people away.



This really did hve a good movie trailer feel to it, great job with both the visuals and choice of music. That song fit the game well, and it fit your trailer pretty well too, there were points where I thought the narrative voice should have been louder in relation to the song but other than that, nice work on the subtle facial animations, and good work all in all.

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2.96 / 5.00

May 4, 2000
1:13 AM EDT
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