World Rally Championship

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Pick out the car in which you will be racing against the other guys, trust me, it is a crucial point in the world of racing.Choose by the features the cars possesses, speed, acceleration and handling, also you can paint it in the color that you like most.The only way to get the reward is by getting to the finish line before the others, also it is the only way to proceed to the next level.Use the Arrow keys or WASD keys to navigate, press the Space Bar to activate the brakes and the X key if you want some extra speed.


Didnt like it. Just like any other game, nothing new, nothing special. Controls were bad, too.

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The steering made it feel like the rear wheels were in the middle of the car. The steering has an acceleration to it which is like this: More, more, mor--WHOAHWHATTHEFUCK!

Because of this, and only this, this game is unplayable.

Everything else works well, but is basic. If you want to improve this game, make the driving aspect lots better. If you can't be bothered with improving the driving then don't bother improving any other aspect of this game.

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this is a BUTT game

The design and look of the game was great but thats about all I could enjoy.
Music was annoying and the handling started out too sensitive, oversteer shouldnt be an issue early on.

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3.33 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2012
4:22 PM EDT
Sports - Racing