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Creatively Complicated

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Enter the mind of the Creatively Complicated, and enjoy this point and click adventure that has several puzzles throughout it.

It has 24 achievements in it that range from easy to very difficult.

At the end of the game, the player actually gets a real life reward of the in game assets in CS3.

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For a game called Creatively Complicated - this was neither creative nor complicated enough.

Creativity - the game is a standart point and click adventure game, nothing too original, the player is also not expected to be creative and show any outside of the box problem solution skills, all solutions to puzzles are strictly inside the box.

Complicated - game was very easy and as a result - felt very short. Only the puzzle where you had to rotate four rings with numbers was moderately challenging.

The best part of game was atmospheric music, really nice ambiance.

Design - I like the simplicity of art but I miss details like a backstory and character names.

A big dissapointment was how when you poke the monster with a dagger it just dissapears. I expected some resistance from the monster, likely him killing player if attacked in too straightworward way or at least a fighting animation, but all he did was just pop out of existance. Dissapointing.

On overall a nice ,cute game but too short (or too easy) and missing something in many fronts.

eliminate ur essence idiot.

I always have a thing for games with a simplified style and a good chunk of puzzles that makes a person pay close attention to the subtle hints. This is a good example of those.
A simple enough tune not to be considered annoying, then again, the game is short enough so you don't really get to listen to it for very long.
My only problem however is that the clicking mechanics is not accurate. In some cases your need to click more than once and sometimes even half a millimeter to the side and only then does it show it's correct. It might sometimes dishearten a player to quit or spend an absurd amount of time double checking on everything. For that I give it 4 stars instead of my initially intended 5.

different style of game i like the art and the sound was good

This is pretty cool, the title didn't make sense until the end. Clever indeed.

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3.99 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2012
8:41 AM EDT