Legendary Pakimons

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Spoiler alert, it's the Pokemon logo puking Legendary Pokemon


i would like to point out that zekrom,reshiram,and victini were pretty much the only good looking pokemon og 5th gen

Willanatior responds:

I would like to point out that other than the pokemon I drew and maybe 5 others, I don't know the names of ANY of those Pokemon puked out.

Completely True!!!!!! I still have my first game boy color, and still play it....but i would have to say that RED version is the best. i do enjoy the better graphics involved in Crystal version, but the original is still THE ORIGINAL, right?!?!? I would always waste the master ball on Articuno, then i would catch mewtwo with a pokemon that knows hypnosis and an ultra ball.

Willanatior responds:

I don't know if Red Blue Green or Yellow were the best if I take off my nostalgia goggles, but they were the original, and after those there wasn't really much of an improvement on each game other than NEW PAKIMANS. I would just get the master ball, go to Cinnabar island and say hello to my ol friend Missingno. :>

so true!!! (:

Practically incomprehensible audio but a fair point. Bring some more structure in future

Willanatior responds:

Yeah it was one take at 3 in the morning I just saw the image and rambled on. Thanks for the review!

That's actually a pretty accurate description of what happened to the Pokemans. And the Power Rangers, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Transformers...etc... LOL

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