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A Talk with Homer

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I have a heart to heart with my cartoon hero.

Animated and edited in one day!

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WAY good dude the talking scenes and the flow of the animation were just absolutely great hilarious stuff it really does point out the differences in the type of animation the simpsons is and I can def appreciate the value of this

YULFO83 responds:

Thank you! means a lot :)

lol look homers eyes when hes talking 5 out of 5

The Simpsons are way funny then Family Guy but I know someone would i'm wrong but ar least I don't make fun of others shows because I just mean . but this I funny so that all. TT.TT

This makes me feel guilty for watching family guy when I should be watching the Simpsons. We just abandoned old Homer and now we pal around with Peter Griffin. We are such a fickle crowd.