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behind the scenes pokemon parodies production PPP

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so fucking funny

This is a perfect mockery of the large handful of snobbish Pokemon parodies that aim to use the oldest jokes without putting any twists on them. Remember when Gary bragged about his 10 badges? Well, after season 5, he decided to become a Pokemon researcher instead, so at this point, Ash would certainly have more badges than him, making this joke useless.

Pokemon parodies would be much better if they didn't really just follow generic formulas, like Pokemon getting severely injured in battles, being caught against their own will, battles against useless Pokemon, and, well... using a sequence of memes.

It's incredibly hard to find a hilarious parody of Pokemon that has Generation II Pokemon or later. All they really do is use only Generation I Pokemon in their animations, supposedly to make more people like them. Can't I just at least live to see the day that Typhlosion stars in a parody that doesn't try so hard to be funny?

Again, this is a wonderful animation. You proved the point spot-on that everyone wants to use old jokes to get fame and fortune. I hope to see more submissions like this.

My point EXACTLY.

Thank you.

Just asolutely amazing comedy.
A bit sad that many didn't quite understand the fact that you are making fun of these pokemon youtube animation partners.