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1st Love

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Rsetienne did another collab and made this cheesy thing

btw rsetienne animated the hand holding thing too i forgot to put in the credits

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liked the animation and the music that went with it (what is that song anyway?)
two things to change it though:
-characters seem a bit stiff
-more needs to happen, there's no real story there, perhaps you could have included a flashforward to the present again or something i dunno
other than that though, really good.

cute but it needs more of a story to it.it makes them look like a dull couple and it doesnt look like they had fun at all. =T

You two are just begining right? hope i am not wrong, but i think you both work well, at least for a short animation, good job.

I like how clean it was but it could have a little longer. There was no depth to this flash at all.

"cheesy", yeah, that's what i thought. nothing special, plain story. tbh i didn't like the hand holding animation, especially when the woman almost made a fist. i guess it looks a little stiff because it's done frame by frame.