Galaxy Squad Alpha

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The mad Doctor Zogg is building his near earth plasma cannon and you must stop him! Fly your ship through his armada and take down as many enemy combatants as possible.

Use the left + right arrow keys to move your ship
Spacebar to shoot.


Sadly nothing that special that will make me come back to play this game.

I liked the music, despite the fact their looping is pretty noticeable and deserve to be longer. You have the potential for a story with the introduction, but it doesn't go anywhere beyond that. The fact there were instructions right at the start of the game was appreciated for first time players.

Being limited to left/right movement in combination with a single enemy type, and nothing to make the game feel like it's changing or that your progressing through it the game gets old pretty fast. The main two things that made me come back to it was the music and the desire to know if there was going to be any progression the longer I survived.

as has been said before, needs more firepower and mobility. at times it also seems like there is too much stuff on the screen leaving you with nowhere to go.

Is it me or there isn't end to the first lvl ?
The game looks great at first, for old school shooters... But there's nothing else than infinite wave of enemies and a single weapon ?

Good start but now you'll have to make a game, not just a little part of a prototype..

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are you fucking kidding me at least you have to make a upgrade bare or something i cant play this for more than a minute

Galaxy Squad Alpha, a shoot them up, with old time graphics, plays well but suffers from execution flaws that fail to attract young and experience seeking players. The game prerents a slight introduction that is well executed. First, your ship has little mobility and feels underpowered even in the earliest of levels. This could be corrected by allowing 4-way movement and power-up items. There seems to be too many enemies on the screen at a time, most of them not firing, it comes a momento during gameplay where you don't know if you should shoot or dodge. It seems the author was going for a "Enemy-hell" instead of a bullet hell, unfortunately it doesn't work, and you feel that there is no point in continuing the game, where the dificulty is way to high and there seems to be no way to get an edge.

I don't recommend this game.

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2.68 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2012
6:27 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight