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Hotel Nether (Minecraft)

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The Minecraft-Guy had a hard day.
Have you ever tried using a bed in the Nether? Try it.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=SEQzmomUaLk

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do u play minecraft i do
the bed exsploting is in minecraft when u chri to sleep in the nether it does exsplod

i give it 5/1

yeswekenny responds:

yeah that's the point! wrote it in the description in case some people didn't get it.

it was actually ok animation and the exploding body was funny.

yeswekenny responds:

thank you :)

3/5 scored and 2.5/5 reviewed
Skill level: Beginner

Pretty good. A very nice command of basic flash skills. You're definitely making progress. Your character models and art design were very good, you still need work with mouth movement. This time you didn't use Voice Acting, so it's hard to gauge your progress as far lip synching and mic quality goes. But even so, the mouth movements were clearly smoother, just make sure you cut down on the number of mouth frames in the future so you can lip sync better, especially when the characters talk a lot. The Wife's movements were very basic, arm's moving up and down with a mouth loop, you played it safe when you should be trying to experience different ways of animating.

But overall, a nice improvement, I look to see more.

- Hollow -

yeswekenny responds:

Thanks for your review. It really means a lot to me. And I tried to improve what you said. I think it's ok for now. I'm going to take your advice for my next flash!
They don't speak because i wanted to do it like that. I dont really know how it's called but it's some kind of a stylistic device. (google translated this word could be wrong) I tried it but it doesn't seem to get across like i wanted it.

I looking forward to getting your reviews. It helped me once, this one will help me to and in the future i'm sure they will help me a lot too.

it made me giggle. so u get a 4 :)

yeswekenny responds:

thanks :-)

wtf so idiot

yeswekenny responds:

well, this is just what happens when using a bed in the nether