Undermountain RTS (SE)

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New version of mini RTS about battle of dwarvs.
Multiplayer mode now work stabile.
Click clay cells to order workers to dig.
Read tips in game.


great game but multiplayer didn't work it was just a pathetic single player and the different classes within the multiplayer didn't work.

Wow, General Gimli was really a hard level. Took me ages.
For those who really want to know what I did... ok.
First just leave the soldiers and build two towers to battle the upper two towers on the left down corner. One will play even and the other will be one shot away from death. Then just keep on building workers and make sure they don't run out of blocks to mine, or they'll wonder and die. Make a good many workers but keep 400, maybe 500. When all blocks are done send them to the block that blocks your entrance to their base and as they get there, put a tower under their own towers that are in range of your workers. They'll need it. Then, whjen the entrance is cleared, open up the block to your soldiers. For me: it nearly failed as all workers dies and I only had 150, and thus the one worker I made took a long while to destroy the block thaholds the soldiers and at that time the enemy soldiers tore up 3/4 of my base. That one worker i made was lucky have made it through. When the soldiers took them out and went to their base, well, I was out of coin, but thankfully, taking out those two towers at the start meant that they were just strong enough to beat enough towers to find their castle and destroy it

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Big Problem. How can i win Mistake of General Gimli
No Chance against the Towers. My workers die evers time

remind me of Dungeon keeper

need people for multiplayer

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2012
1:25 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)