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Draw your way through this exciting puzzle game, featuring awesome hand drawn art! Scribbles is a unique and super fun physics based puzzle game where your main objective relies on how creative you are! Draw a path for the ball and other objects to complete each level! Make sure you save up enough ink! Good luck!


Great game although the only thing i didnt like was that fact that i have to save ink for next level.... But i did enjoy how there were more than just 1 ball to move around!

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The game is really cute! But i didnt enjoyed the'save ink to other levels'.. neither the music
There are lots of games with the thematic paper - ink... so, it werent innovating.

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Lo siento brotta, but um... this game just sucks! There is no foreground versatility, the music is slightly annoying, the game itself is just too damn hard! Level 8, World 1, and I'm already giving up. I couldn't even fathom making it to like the 12th level on the 4TH WORLD. The worst part is that the best way to persist through this game is just luck. The only skill required is in the first few levels, everything else comes through just luck. Also, if there is going to be a "Scribbles 2", think about adding shape templates (curves and straight lines, primarily) and a much more generous ink supply, possibly bottomless; moreso, adding a toolbox where you can buy/add obstacles that you can use on the level. ALSO, FIX THE FREAKING ERASER so that it actually erases pieces of an object and not the whole damned object! 6/10

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The game appear to be not working for some people, but it's working for me, and it's a pretty good game~ Addicting too!

I'm sure this game was really awesome and fun! I could tell from the other comments and your description. But after I pressed "Start," All I got was a blank page. I used Google Chrome and even refreshed the page but I't still didn't start the game. :C

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3.16 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2012
7:40 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other