Stickman Can't Fight 6-2

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[EDIT]: awwwww yeah! front page! love to see the support from you guys :D thank you very much :3

the second part to the sixt episode. this one ran much more smoothly. mostly because once i fixed the huge issues with the first part, fixing the rest was simple. the voice audio is much better on this part in my opinion.

will our "hero" finally stand up for himself? will he fail and die? will PV ever smile? find out what is in storefor Black in this episode :D

leave you review with constructive criticism, every animation i've made has been better than the previous one because of the feedback i get from you guys. so please let me know ;D


That was awesome! Great job!

is the "master" xiao xiao?

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Hmm, so when Black gets scared, he freezes up and becomes effectively unbreakable? So if he could control that, he could solidify whatever part of his body is about to be hit for defense, turn his fists rock-solid for offense...

It's obvious what Black's ability is! He can't die. It's like he's wearing a suit of invincible armor. He rarely ever gets injured. Black is great for being used as a shield.

Woo, another great one! It seems like this is where the real journey begins too. The only unstable thing about these animations are the dialog and voice acting, the volume isn't very balanced between characters and sound effects, and the dialog isn't always easy to see the way the text is colored. Otherwise it just keeps on amazing, great ideas, great animation. Keep it going!


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4.00 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2012
2:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original