The Vending Machine

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This is my first animation project that i've done. it was also for my animation class.

Enjoy Fellas!


Great button mashing scene

exactly how i feel when i've got due homework :)

I did not like this at all, no story, froze up every time the annoying sounds(beepsand laughing) started and there was no way to turn this piece of garbage off, don't loop crap! gave it a half just cuz its your first and at least you made an attempt

MrManlyMustache responds:

Cheers thanks for the feedback cupcake :D

lol tentacles

I remember seeing this months ago. I really liked the simple plot and the art, it's way better than my first animation was lol. My favourite bit was the walk cycle at the start, flowed really well and was cunstructed pretty much perfectly. The line work is a little inconsistant though, which I find is a common thing with Flash unless you have a really good tablet or a cintiq. Also just another nit pick, but I didn't like the font at the start that reads "Presents Sophie Girl in". Something a little more cartoony or fancy would have suited better.

All in all though, exceptionally good for a first animation.

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this is great for your first but i must ask you how do you get the frame size so big when you upload it please tell me.

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3.07 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2012
8:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original