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Reign of Centipede

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Use the arrows or WASD to move your character. Hold down by pipes to travel through them. Also press (hold) down near rubble to create buildings. Buildings create soldiers. Be sure to help and protect your soldiers, for they fight with you!

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oh hey. appearently i completed the stage while randomly idling on facebook. wow. have to say it's a pretty nice game. i like that it's so long to actually give you a chance to buy every building and item. usually, when playing games like this i either fail hard or i win so fast that i haven't even bought half of the stuff that i wanted. however, i think it would be even better if i had the possibility to sell/tear down/replace buildings. or bigger islands so that i could actually have one of every building on at least one of the islands. and in the end it got a bit slow/repetitive/boring due to the high prices and me always having to go around and collect every single coin myself. would have helped, if soldiers would also collect money for me. also i think i have noticed a bug. when i destroy a platform (those things that hover next to an island and spawn enemies) it says "+75" just the same way it would say "+1" when i collect a coin. however, it didn't seem like my money actually increased. other than that, nice game, 3.5/5.

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3.82 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2012
1:23 PM EDT