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Flash Bash

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Join out discord server https://discord.gg/vvvRKsfk

An update has been made and after careful read of reviews, and have fixed some of the major problems. A new character has been added to the roster, all secret characters unlocked, and all secret costumes including an all new costume for each character has been unlocked.

wasd OR arrow keys (Swappable)

Punch: J (Default) Can be customized

Kick: K (Default) Can be customized

Up: Jump

Down: Crouch

left/right: walk

Double Left/Double Right: Dash left/right

Back: Block

Enter: Pause/Menu

Player 2 controls are adjustable through button config menu.

produced by godlimations.com

sponsored by armorgames.com

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This could be a top notch fighting game on NG.

great gameplay characters and combos.

not bad!

This game rocks. It's really fun despite only having two attack buttons. The art style and the music are really great. This is like Guilty Gear if it was a flash game. Excellent stuff!

I love this game, I played it a couple years ago before forgetting the name of it, and only finding it now after flash is completely gone for me. So I can't even play the game 1 last time, I will cherish the memories, until ruffle fix this or you make a version without flash. Love the game see ya! <3 <3