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Bushido Blade

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This is another track from Mass Media Constant, the ten-song drum n' bass hybrid album released on Protagonist Records (protagonistrecords.net).

I started the song awhile back, actually as just a 14 or 15 second action film cue, for fun. You'll hear that in the first 14-15 seconds of the track. Then, as I was working on Mass Media Constant, I pulled up this work-in-progress and decided it might sound cool if I approached it in the style of Photek, who had an absolutely amazing DNB track in the 90s called "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu" which combined martial arts sounds and a Japanese influence with chopped breaks.

"Bushido Blade" is basically a tribute to that style. I was thinking of some sort of heated kung-fu showdown, but in a very modern action movie style, hence the heavy sampled breaks mixed with the massive Asian & African drums. It was a TON of fun to make, primarily because it's almost entirely based on rhythm alone (taikos, gongs, cymbals, metals, breaks) instead of harmony and melody.

Enjoy! Again, you can pick up the CD this track and Necromancy were featured on by going to protagonistrecords.net. It's only $7 for a full quality digital download.

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This is good, It made me want to try martial art and fight in rhythm

That would be an epic Monster Hunter bossfight song ! Greatly great :^)


OOOOHHHHHHH HELL! I loved it. It was the taiko drums of the future. Five stars to you and keep'em coming!

Nice tune

Nice tune here even liked some of the backround effecs you had going on, gave you the sense it was really happening or some sorta adventure was going on, so the sound/fx played a good part in this, this was one of those tunes that kept you listening for more and at about 3 min long it was still going strong so on those aspects of stuff it did very well and flowed from start to end, so awsome job on this i had fun with it and enjoyed it very much as i know others will too.

So alla nd all this was pretty good, some extra sound/fx like you already had, but you can add more for that extra effects. but other then that it was a pretty good tune.