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Animal Crackers

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he song is on his album "Ritual Abuse" which has been released on limited edition CDr+ 32 page book, it can be purchased here: http://www.draconianfilms .com/store.html

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what the hell...... ._____.

I enjoy this a little more than I should.

yea this is plausible

/animal crackers/ doesn't sustain a concept focus like the rest of your animations seem to attract in me. you've but a tessellated mess of shock images and some silly visual effects, which do but intensify the sweetness of the fruit of your labor... nonetheless, watery watering, except your style?

for wut time you pass in appealing to the public, it doesn't translate to me narcissism would be your overburdening motivation to create, nor would absent self-esteem obligate your innovations. it seems, judging by the relative disinterest you've attributed to this piece of art, your animal crackers r stale and you require smtn on which to salivate.

i offer you no solution for your uneasy appetite, but please refrain from convalescing @ the expense of viewer misconduct. if you've nething worthy to share with us, i encourage you to be open with the community; for wutever personal utility you seek to acquire from your artistry, i ask you don't place the responsibility on your audience.