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Ryu VS Megaman

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Author Comments

This is my first Flash submission, and I want to thank everyone for the comments and criticism.

There are some problems with the sound-syncing (due to filesize, those are vectors not images... I did trace bitmap, that's why it looks so clean). I was gonna fix it, but probably won't because the idea is very tired by now. (Some would argue it was to begin with, hehe...)

Overall it's pretty pointless, since the whole joke was really Ryu meeting Megaman, but then after making it I was like "hey, they already did that in Marvel VS. Capcom you moron." :P

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I agree that this movie was mostly bad, but it was still harmless. I like how you mention it's pointless. Now you just need to make something better! Now this is actually a reality. Yep, these two guys are actually in the "Super Smash Bros" games. My, how times have changed!

The sounds are pretty good. There just isn't a lot to be said. It needed to be longer. The "Again" screen at the end was nice. You were just too dull.

ok that was ok I guess, but what's up with the short come back?! isn't that ryu and megaman suppose to fight for a long time before ending it like that?!

is that it i thuat it was gona be as long as a baseballfeeld.

Thats it? :/

Hey. What did you Do that For?
*Charges shot*
*Walks on the Middle and Flys away in 3 secs*