Chaos War Ep.4 pt.2-b

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The fight has ended, leaving both sides missing two people. Austin and Mecha-Sonic dead, Effio has left, but what has become of Mephiles? Something bigger is happening (or has happened) than our heroes, and villains, have realized. Who are these new people, and why is Chaos confronting Vic and Buncey with some stranger wanting to fight?
Credit to respective owners and thanks to DoubleSAnimations for sending me the fla and letting me use an old transformation he made for his FC at one point.


Cool video

why is revan go to a subway and not seeing john

Another generic sprite recolour animation flash with DBZ sound effects and bad music.

Try making something original than something that's complete shit. I suggest you learn how to draw and animate on your own instead of relying on sprites.

JohnTheHedgechidna responds:

I use sound effects from multiple sources, not just dbz and if you're saying 3 Doors Down has bad music then that's your opinion. Every other song I got here from NG. And obviously I can draw which is more than you can do.
So don't talk to me about animation and art when you yourself can not do it.

again..great sprite animation..still funny as hell with random humor..and again we have THX the audience is now deaf even with headphones at 25% volume output. storyline for those that say where is it? background of chars? use your imagination..make up your own..give the guy ideas to run with. (example John is the son of a hedgehog King and Echidna Queen that ended a 340 year ongoing war.- char. background) ( On the day of the treaty being signed and the wedding day the king had an attempt on his life. the Kings staff which holds the shards of apocalypse was thrown from his hands..john picked it up..shards go active and there he gets his beast form and goes on a bloody rampage killing everything that breathes. Sonic and his bunch master minded the attempt - storyline. anything else you come up with or build upon this.) overall it took 3,532 cans of epic mixed with 10 kegs of awesome and a sprinkle of bacon salt to make this movie which your eyeballs have the pleasure of viewing.

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JohnTheHedgechidna responds:

John's past is actually revealed in the next episode. Also, the sound is out of my control. I only use one layer of SFX so they should not be loud. I animate this at 100% with headphones in so I do not see how it is loud. And thank you for giving a reasonable comment. Glad to see some people on NG actually have brains and some just don't type "This sucks"

way to copy doublesanimations

JohnTheHedgechidna responds:

How did I copy doubles?

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Aug 27, 2012
10:26 PM EDT