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Zelda Chicken March

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Why do you think KFC always has so much chicken?

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I found this to be funny since Link manages to get the chickens killed without them gathering around him and pecking him.

The animation was a bit choppy looking at the end but was smooth for the rest of the animation.

The story was entertaining since Link seemed to be hungry for chicken so he led the chickens to KFC and let Colonel Sanders cook them so he could have something to eat.

The audio playing was nice. However, I feel the drum track should have been reworked a bit since the rhythm felt out of place with the flute.

Overall, great piece.

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Pied Piper of Hamelin going Zelda. Very interesting thought.

Even though this flash is very short and doesn't offer high quality graphics, I still enjoyed it a lot. The music Link plays on his flute is quite catchy and I liked the main idea behind this: Link bringing all those chickens to the next KFC, so they can make more food. I guess this is Links revenge for the infamous "chicken attack" in the Zelda games.

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Short and simple.

The Pied Piper of Kentucky is working hard and wearing some ridiculous mask... *looks away* Hmm? Oh, it's a beard is it? - And as a result, there are plenty of deep fried pieces of poultry in the bucket, having been coated with special Tri-Force sauce and everyone is happy.

I liked this piece, as I was amused by the whole way that things panned out, but the mask that Link had to wear to get the chickens to follow him. My dad keeps a few chickens and I've never had to wear any sort of mask to get the buggers to follow me around - just show up with something that looks tasty, such as a mug full of corn and they will love you forever. Ever seen the "Piece of Candy" sketch in Family Guy, where they trap James Woods? Basically the same principle.

You could have done something similar for St. Patrick's Day, as this is allegedly how St. Paddy rid the Emerald Isle of snakes and also Link does look a little like a Leprechaun, don't you think?

The other question that I'd have to ask about this is how would the Burger King go about his business, or Ronald McDonald? Do they recruit other video game stalwarts, like Mario, Sonic or those sprites from Metal Slug, perchance?

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This was really cute, but not much made it stand out. The art, while fairly crude, had a unique style to it which I felt was one of the high points of the flash. The tracks were Zelda inspired, but it's a Zelda themed flash, so that's kind of to be expected. Something like a metal or a techno reworking of a Zelda inspired song or even an actual Zelda theme would have made the flash stand out if at the expense of the overall theme.

Although, maybe a deviation from the typical Zelda flash is what this needs. We see so many Zelda themed flashes that there's an entire sub-category dedicated to them. While the KFC inclusion may be a breaking of convention, the colonel doesn't play much of a role in the flash taking away one of the few things that makes this not another generic Zelda flash.

Overall, what this really needs is personality. It doesn't do much in the way of deviation from the formula of Zelda flashes and that is the reason it's lacking.

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Lol..... Kfc XD

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Aug 27, 2012
1:58 PM EDT
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