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Arkanoid, Breakout - like game with procedurally generated graphics.


"Nothing too new or interesting" this is like any other "breakout" or "arkanoid". The speed of the balls and the pad are REALLY slow, the colors were boring and homogeneous and there aren't sound effects (I didn't like the music neither). There's a bug where balls bounce on the lower part of the pad instead of falling and losing it. Looks like a lot of people think the same about this game.

I've seen worse "arkanoid" games. The problems with this one are:
1) all blue make the game a bit hard to see & a bit boring
2) the lack of sound effects causes the game to lack lustre
3) the paddle was lacking in response - just not fast enuff for the game
But you did a decent job : )
I won't tell you how many 0's have been earned - so your's is nice to see - fix it up and I'm sure it will do well : )

boring, nothing new.

You have to enhance mouse sensibility mate, the pad often responds too late

Graphics: Too blue in my opinion, the blocks need different designs to make them look apart 4/10
Gameplay: Like any other arkanoid, nothing too new or interesting. The paddle seems to lag a LOT so I lost on the first level. Needs more power-ups as well 3.5/10
Controls: The mouse isn't very sensitive and the paddle needs to move at different speeds, depending on where the mouse cursor is in relation to it. 3.5/10
Difficulty: Quite good actually, the bad controls give it a bit, albeit unnecessary, of challenge. 5/10
Overall 5/10

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2.89 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2012
2:48 AM EDT
Skill - Other