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Help jam to reach the ground, click on blocks to remove them, collect strawberries to earn points and dont fall down. Beat all 40 levels.


One star for hijacking my right-click menu and not giving me a graphics quality toggle--and worse, no audio control. That's ludicrous and annoying--and it needs to stop. Leave my right-click menu alone.

mmm .... the game is a little too easy, and as well muttered someone, it's a little unfinished ... sorry to say it bluntly ....

Could be the start of something good. Just needs a bit more work. Keep trying! ^^

this is the worse game i ever played.

Hmm, it feels a bit unfinished,
Most levels were just removing blocks and hoping he lands on the platform instead of like solving a puzzle.
When you missed a strawberry and did finish the level you can't choose to play the level again.
And when I opened the game the 2nd time it didnt even save my progress.
The conecept was far from original. its like copying a good game and make it worse :/
Also there is no mute button.
Hhy did I have to wait in the middle of the game? Kind of random.
Besides that its pretty ok and I did not the experience the frame rate drop.

And I like how his mouth is literally a "3" :3

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3.04 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2012
7:33 PM EDT
Puzzles - Falling