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Ever wonder how the Gerudo tribe can still live on, even when they are only female? Now you know

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Short and sweet.
I'll admit, my eyes were drawn instantly to the title whilst scrolling through the flash portal. I enjoyed the smaller things such as "Glory hole" written on the ceiling and the dicks on the staircases and such. I thought you put a decent spin on that questionable aspect of the Gerudo people, but I feel it could have been executed a little better. Link's reaction was priceless, and probably the highest point of the animation in my opinion.

Basically, I enjoyed it, thought it could have been better in some parts (mainly in regards to Nabooru's dialogue leading up to the revelation) and will definitely check out more of your animations.

Best of luck on future projects!

I hadnt thaught of it that way before

Actually, this was pretty good. You need some audio help, though. Here:

Watch this flash and listen to the advice. I think it'll help.

http://www.newgroun ds.com/portal/view/590285 (Remove spaces)

That's how the pros do it, see:

http://hnilmik.newgr ounds.com/news/post/746771 (Remove spaces, Second video down.)

lol they never really explained that. I was thinking since it was 1 male every so often, the single male lives a long ass time making babies.