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Happy Clock Day!
I hope you'll have a merry time!
Btw be sure to watch the whole thing to get the full effect...

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I have absolutely no idea what i just watced, i only know this has something to do with Strawberry Clock, wonderful.

Foxcato responds:

I had a lot of fun making it. So glad to see people getting some enjoyment out of it.

Wow, that was one of the best Clock Day flashes I've seen in awhile. I honestly had yet to find any 2012 ones that I liked that much. I thought this was a collab because it certianly seemed like there were different styles. I guess that made it all the more impressive. You should have won an award of some kind. Okay, not a negative one.

You really do get a good sense of sincerity in these cartoons. They're not all dick jokes like other ones here. Of course, you could saw a lot of stuff on the Internet are those kinds of jokes. It looked like SBC was jumping in a Mario game. That seemed too high even for him.

Foxcato responds:

Thank you for you kind review. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie.
My objective was to stuff as much positive energy into this movie as I possibly could.

I animated the first bit several months before I started working on the main portion of the movie. Maybe that's why it seems the movie has different styles.

Until now I've always considered anything clock related synonym with trashy or incomprehensible submissions... Thank you for changing my mind on the subject, good sir! Stellar show!
Cheers, toodle-pip, and all that. =]:-)

Foxcato responds:

I'm glad You liked my flash and that I was able to change your mind. Some clock related flash is spam, but there's actually a lot of really talented people in the clock crew. You should definitely check out people like SatteliteClock, RadiotubeClock, Zombielincoln and FUclock. They are awesome dudes and there are many more like them.

i actually thought i saw this before untill the middle.
havent we seen that ball thing before?

Foxcato responds:

That ball is originally from We Love Katamari.

That was really sincere and very funny while at the same time totally ridiculous and wonderful. A really positive message that reaches out, no wonder you won Clock Day.

Foxcato responds:

Thank you so much! You caught all the stuff I so dearly wanted to convey through this movie! Winning the 1st prize is amazing on so many levels. It came completely unexpected too since there were so many awesome submissions this year.