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Abbabeb - The Game

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Mystery! 100 Points

You solved the riddle! Happy clock day!!

Author Comments

Can you solve the clock day riddle? Just type in your answer!

Hint for the riddle:
Bbab boebb'b bebobb? Abb bbab aboub ib ob abba?

ed: Clockday's gone, so here are additional hints:
1. There are vowels and consonants in the Abbabeb.
2. Twinkle twinkle is just a clockdayishly fiendish bluff. ^_^
3. You don't need a text box. Just click on the flash to make sure it's active for input and type your stuff in. There is no need to press enter in the end and it doesn't matter if you type wrong answers first, so if something comes to mind, it can be tried.
4. One member of the sequence just doesn't quite fit in. That's one key to the answer.
5. Bbe abbbeb bab a bebabion bo abba.

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mama mia

mama mia

This puzzle, was really terrifying but i figured it out. i'll give you a hint, its two words last one is mia.

One of those games where you really need to think in new ways to reveals the riddle! Animation's not too advanced, simple looping letters, but game idea was pretty unique. Good game!


Nice riddle. I gotta admit that it took me quite a while before I got it, despite the fact that I solved hint 5 almost instantly. I kept thinking abbabeb would contain the answer and I didn't pay much attention to the actual flash animation. I should have, because 4 is actually pretty obvious when you look at the flash and when I got that I solved the riddle right away.

Anyway, It's nice how you made something so simple and fun. Only minor complaint I have is that the music got on my nerves. It's a song that gets stuck in your head for hours (thanks for that).

Overall 3.5 out of 5. Mostly giving this score just for the idea. I hope you can come up with something similar the next Clock Day.


JeffersonTD responds:

Thanks for the comment and feedback!

You are right, the music can quite easily get on one's nerves, and forcing the "player" to mute the system sounds entirely isn't a good thing as people might want to listen to music of their own. As this was just a quick clockday submission I'll leave it as it is, but If I come up with something for the next clockday I'll make sure I'll put in the mute button! :)