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Nuclear Plant

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99% of population is dead after world nuclear war. Survived animals mutated. No plants, no trees, no oxygen remain on Earth. You got a viable seed - it's time for ressurection. Kill mutants, upgrade your gun and increase skills to grow the plant.

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how many endings it have?

This is an interesting game with an interesting concept; a horrendous nuclear war devastates the planet, and most of the surviving life has been reduced to horrendous mutants. Humanity is barely clinging on, with even oxygen, becoming a commodity without the presense of trees.

However, when plant life finally was introduced to this world, it too, mutated in order to thrive in such a harsh environment... Forming a strange, but powerfull (and effective) symbiosis with the mutated animal life. In a sense, you have saved the planet by allowing life to go on... But in doing so, you have sacrificed yourself, and whatever is left of humanity.

PS: Does this game happen to tie into to that BNKR game you made? (Still waiting for a sequel on that one though). Just curious since the settings in the BNKR game, in comparison to this one seem quite similar.

Amazing game!MAke asequel of this,and make sure the next one has a HAPPY ending,alright?Alright!Great job! 5 stars!


I think the ending is happy, knowing that all those enemies had come from different trees means that there are dozens of trees just within his proximity, the premise of the game is that there's no oxygen, now that we know there's s many trees, we know there's oxygen left on the world, at least giving humans the chance to fight back and restore the planet to what it once was,

there's still hope

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2012
7:18 AM EDT