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Author Comments

1.1.0 Update (August 15th, 2012):
- optimized lighting; should improve fps a bit
- fixed flashlight
- increased max energy

Your crew is dead. The ship is infested. All you have is a blaster and a flashlight. Can you make it out alive?

WASD: move
F: toggle flashlight
E: interact
Mouse: aim
Left-Click: fire
Esc (or P): pause
M: toggle audio

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I get having energy bars and limitations, but it quickly turns into a chore when I'm constantly recharging the short energy bar in order to progress.

The energy bar killed the experience for me. It contains just enough juice to kill the weakest enemy without the flashlight (which you need to see anything in 90% of the environments) before you needed to recharge, hopefully in one of the 3x3 light squares. Not to mention that the second enemy you encounter is practically invincible and ignores the light. (I was only able to beat them by taking advantage of a pathfinding glitch) It's the equivalent of making every enemy a DooM endboss and giving the player a musket. I loved the aesthetic and was drawn in by the plot but couldn't bring myself to play beyond the mess hall. I was forced to hide from enemies while I waited for the longest reload time ever. I checked my phone and played with a yo-yo and then could get back to the game. It seemed like a cheap way to pad out the play-time and artificially increase difficulty. It's a mechanic that I probably wouldn't be willing to adapt to for a $60 current gen title, let alone for a free online timewaster. I would be really interested in seeing this game with scarce ammo rather than charging stations.

Not bad. I guess it could be improved. With the storyline, you might have been able to expand it with meeting another survivor, or somehow convinced us to play again with funny bonuses. The ending was weird - "too easy"? Game-play was good, but I don't see a problem with a shorter recharge time.

SHiLLySiT responds:

The screaming sound effect and fade out was supposed to imply that the aliens were on board the fighter. Cheesy? Yes very, but I suck with endings.

the game is fun and just needs some minor fixing othr then that its good

SHiLLySiT responds:

If you've run into any bugs, can you give me a list so I can fix them? If it's game play "fixing" that you were referring to, then what changes do you suggest?

Wow, amazing game. I love the idea of it being pixelated. There could be some minor tweaking of the game, I found the flashlight a tad annoying in the beginning, but other than that, you did an amazing job.

SHiLLySiT responds:

As of version 1.1.0, I increased the maximum energy so the flashlight lasts longer, assuming that what you found annoying was how flashlight didn't last long. If not, what do you suggest?

Credits & Info

4.29 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2012
3:37 PM EDT