Stickmen's-Electric Shock

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The electric shock caused by the kid.

The voices are bad recorded cuz i used a bad record program.


Nothing I haven't seen before.

A little slapstick humor is good here and there but not when the entire humor of an episode relies on slapstick. It doesn't help that I've heard the exact same joke many times before. It seems a bit incomplete and doesn't have enough of a joke or a plot that generates interest to do well as a stand-alone short.

Most shorts do well on Newgrounds because they either have something that generates interest or something that makes you laugh out loud. Giving away the only joke in the animation in the description or title isn't something I'd personally advise.

The stickmen aren't too decent of characters, though it's been proven many times before that stickman flashes can still be enjoyable.

My advice is that you only make a short like this when you have something solid to work off of, a plot point, a really funny joke (remember, an important element of humor is surprise), etc.

I wish you luck in your future animations.

rubinho146 responds:

Thanks Misty.

How to launch it?

rubinho146 responds:

Just wait until the image moves on.

it has a great concept but idk if it will make it

Decent enough overall.

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4.34 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2012
10:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Original