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A small demonstration of a 2D Horror adventure game I'm currently working on. The full game will have 66 total levels, but this demo has 7. Please tell me what you think, the full game Won't be out for a while. Hope you enjoy!

Just a reminder, the game has been on hold for quite a while due to problems with the engine. Hopefully these problems will be dealt with soon and development will be back in action!

Either way, have a good day, and I hope you enjoy the demo as I said.


bueno necesita armas pero vueno

really good demo and two words koomba stomp

it was very good for a demo :)

A decent demo version of the game,

When playing the demo I tend to notice a few things that should be edited,

What needs to be edited/fixed:
Graphics - While most graphics are nice, a few tiles are very bland, and the backgrounds are very blank, may i suggest paint.NET?
Level 3 - The level LAGS like crazy, I bailed out of the demo because the game would lag right when i try to jump the bridge and I would fall and die every time. An idea to decrease on lag is to delete some actors, and it u must, split the level in half.
Spiders - While i understand the need for detail, the harmless spiders are completely unnecessary, they mainly just cause lag.
Text/speech - While it is okay the way it is, it would be nice to press Up or something to talk to someone.
Small details - The things that really bugs me is the small screw ups, when you make a game, you have to check the small details, because sometimes they can throw off the gamer or get you a lesser rating. (The one thing that pissed me off the most was the torches being in front of the layer the player is on)
Title and credit screens - The Title screen needs major editing, the logo is blurry and needs more details, the head and arm also needs more detail. Also Kungfukurby's credit screen doesn't look to great.
Music - Certain levels/scenes don't have music and it creates an emptiness in the game

I'm not a reviewer that just points everything bad in a game, the game does have a some things that are set up for success
Awesome things:
8-bit pixel art - It fits the game in general
Music - The music in the demo is very good and fits the game
Idea - The entire idea is great, but the one flaw in the story is not explaining why Russ wants revenge so bad on the bloodsuckers.

I hope you take this review as a reason to make the game better, and not as a offensive review. Overall the demo has a few flaws, but you got a good amount of the important things down. I plan to play the finished result and I expect great games from you!

I'll give you props for your original visual style and I realize that this is not a completed game so I won't go into too much but it does need some work. I think it has potential though... keep at it. :)

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2.79 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2012
8:07 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other